Friday, 5 June 2009

Comment: Immune Boosting Hold WORKS!

Comment: This spring I've been getting every cold there is, and it felt like I've been constantly sick. So when my live-in boyfriend got a really bad cold, I was just counting down the days till I got it, too. I decided to try this JSJ hold, and it felt really good and relaxing to do. And I could not believe it but I actually did not catch this cold! Of course, it could be a coincidence, but I'll be trying this next time I'm starting to feel a cold coming on! :) - Anne

Thanks Anne for your comment, and I'm glad you experienced the power of this Immune Boosting Jin Shin Jyutsu Hold. In my experience, it's not a coincidence: it works EVERYTIME, and most effectively at the first symptoms of a cold or a sore throat.

So the Immune Boosting Hold again here: Place your left hand over your right shoulder (so that your fingers are over SEL11 and SEL 3) and place your right hand on your right groin (SEL 15). Vice versa for the other side. Hold for a few minutes, or at least 20-30 minutes at a time. If you have a sore throat, this will clear it in minutes. Hold the side of the sore throat. Sometimes, my sore throats clears up in SECONDS with this powerful Jin Shin Jyutsu Hold. Original Post Immune Boosting Hold

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Anne said...

Since my initial success with the immune system hold, I have tried it several times when I've felt a cold coming on. I have to say that you can quite literally feel the effect of this!

I had a sore throat, and once I started with this hold, it cleared up on the same side that I was holding. It was just the strangest sensation ever, suddenly only half my throat was hurting and the other half felt just fine! Then I switched to the other side and the pain completely vanished!

This was just an extremely cool experience, so thank you so much for sharing this hold! :)