Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid #2: Draws Energy OUT

This second first aid Jin Shin Jyutsu holds DRAWS ENERGY OUT OF THE BODY for BURNS HEALING.

Just place your RIGHT hand over your LEFT hand and hold over the affected part of the body. Again, if there is serious trauma, then don't touch the body - hold your hands above it over the affected area.

Use this hold whenever you need to draw something out of the body.

I've used it incredibly successfully when for instance, my contact lens has moved to the back of my eye and I can't get it out. Well, no more panic. A few seconds of the hands in this position over the eye and presto! like magic! It pops right out.

To get anything out of the eye quickly and easily - this is the hold. Tried and tested.

Also great for HEALING BURNS. If there is a burn accident, call the ambulance, and while you wait, place your hands in this position over the affected area - if the burns cover a lot of the body, get everyone and anyone available to join in - this hold will start DRAWING OUT THE BURN instead of it going deeper and deeper into the body.

Then there is a long list of things like: stings (poison ivy, nettle etc), infections, cysts, splinters, pain in an area of concentration like headache, toothache, tummy ache, etc.

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Elizabeth said...

After having my wisdom teeth out, my mom used one of these holds over my cheeks over the course of the evening while we watched tv. I never swelled up, never had to take my pain medication. It was comforting to have her near, but also completely effective in removing pain and swelling.