Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Jin Shin Jyutsu First Aid #1: Pushes Energy IN

This first aid Jin Shin Jyutsu hold PUSHES THE ENERGY INWARDS for WOUND HEALING.

Just place your LEFT hand over your RIGHT hand and hold over the area affected - you don't need to touch the skin if the wound is deep - just place your hands above it. It'll work just the same!

Use this hold whenever you need to Keep Something In the Body, or to repair the body -

This hold closes cuts and heals wounds (I avoided stitches once when I cut my hand, and the scar today is hardly visible). Useful for heavy menstrual flow - just place your hands over the reproductive area. And also useful for healing scars.

Worst case scenario (but I've heard it works) - If there is an accident and the person has a large, gaping wound, then call the ambulance, and while you wait, place your hands in this position over the wound to keep everything intact in the body.

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